Socio-environmental consulting: global expertise and respect for local conditions

Nice to meet you. We are Mandi!

A young, solid company that uses modern methodology to assist public, private and third sector institutions to achieve an environmentally sustainable and socially fair development.

The word Mandi conveys us to the original and traditional people and refers to the valuation of those coming from the countryside. It has two meanings in Tupi-Guarani: freshwater fish and manioc, which are very typical food among indigenous and rural communities in Brazil.

The abbreviation in English is also related to our work: Management, Assessment and Network for Development Impact.

Environmental, Cultural, Socio-economic and Impact Assessments


Socio-environmental Projects Independent Audits and Assessments


Technical Reports for Environmental Licensing


Intersectoral Dialogues Facilitation and conflicts mediation

How we act

We help institutions to make decisions, develop projects and take enviromental and social actions in a more sustainable and fair way, including valuating rural, traditional and indigenous communities in Brazil.

By means of technical assessments and projects – aiming to implement concrete changes in the business model –, we contribute to the strengthening of NGOs, public and private institutions governance and socio-environmental management.

Our goal is to grow and set out roots to improve the way that people and institutions look at human beings and nature, connecting attitudes to a new vision of development.

Understand and translate perceptions and symbolism

Develop the most fair and effective integration and relationship strategies with the communities, with real participation and social engagement.

Clients and Partners

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