About us

We understand that each context is unique. For this reason, we promote the development of projects and specific solutions that meet the needs of each one of our clients

We are Mandi

A socio-environmental consulting company that offers a diversified portfolio of services to institutions that aim to incorporate environmental and social issues into their business strategies.

Our assessments and projects are developed by a multi-disciplinary team formed by experts who are dedicated to meet the needs of each client in specific contexts. Our team is qualified to act in projects and identify, assess, characterize and propose measures to prevent negative impacts and measures to maximize the positive impacts in the economic, ecological and social scopes of rural, traditional and indigenous communities in Brazil.

We develop intervention strategies with socio-environmental variables that can be incorporated into NGOs and public or private institutions business models and management.

Our work is always based on ethics and integrity principles and values.

Our history

Mandi was founded in 2015 due to Mariana Zanetti’s belief that the sustainable development is able to multiply the generation of shared value. We work in partnership with national and international ventures and organizations to find simple and practical solutions for complex challenges of the market and the society.

Since our foundation, we have been working for prestigious national and international organizations, such as TNC, ECAM, IMAFLORA, IMAZON and Agenda Pública and Consulting companies Olhares Consultoria Antropológica, SEI Consultoria em Sustentabilidade, AGROÍCONE, Cedro Ambiental, Plantae.

Through our network of partners, we also serve institutions of several economic sectors, such as Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES), Banco Alemão KfW, RainForest Society (Regnskogsföreningen), Mineradora Rio do Norte, Furnas, Petrobrás, Suzano Papel e Celulose, INCRA, among others.

Our differential

We believe that sustainability is a continuous development process. More than assisting our clients to comply with legal obligations and certification and licensing bodies constraints, we undertake actions that contribute to adding value to the project and the stakeholders, such as the improvement of the community relationship process, the interface with public agencies and non-governmental organizations, preventing and mediating conflicts and preserving natural resources, which are essential for the solid and constant sustainability of the business.

Our background

The word Mandi conveys to the original and traditional people and also those coming from the coutryside, the forest, the rural areas. It has two meanings in Tupi-Guarani: freshwater fish, which can be found in the entire national territory, from Amazon to Prata rivers; and also manioc - because of the Mandi girl tale – an important food for the indigenous, traditional and rural communities in Brazil.

The abbreviation in English is also related to our work: Management, Assessment and Network for Development Impact.

“There are many ways to generate value and one of them is to align socio-environmental strategies and practices with society’s constant transformation".

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